Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Yak Floats and Cat puke!

Well it was a warm ass day from the pits of hell...great bass weather..well for me. Brian and I set out at 1pm and killed it at 7:30 pm. Yep short float lots of fishing...cigars and laughs! Smallies and whitefish were everywhere. Clouser's , crease flies and Dave's cat pukes in my version nailed em good. I stuck with the crayfish version and Brian liked the top water stuff. Both were taking fish. Finding more fish in the head and tail outs high sticking and swinging worked for me. If you have a place like I do that is chocked full of bass...float it...explore you don't know what may be around the next bend. We found some slow sections and some really surprising sections as well. Been a while since I had been in a yak. Can't say I am a convert yet but I liked it for sure! Plenty of forage food as we saw dace, frogs, damsels and dragons, stoneflies and big river caddis. I wish i had some pics but my damn battery was as dead as a door nail. Instead I will give a look at where we were fishing through last years float...tight lines bassers and get at em!!! If you double click the photo you will see some whitetail deer....enjoy!

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