Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tearin up on top....

Been on a gurgler kick. I love to tie these guys. Fished with a heavy weed guard climax 100lb test. 100lb test your thinking WTF! Well tossin in the cabbage patch is alot easier for me with a tough weed guard. I also have learned from may miss some fish but the real aggressive bass and usually bigger boys and girls will push 100lb test right outta the way to eat the shit outta your fly. This is something I have just learned through trial and error. This picture is the pink version which worked friggin fantastic tonite! Rain for Sunday...cups of coffee and more top water bugs on the menu from the vise. Chill time in the man cave.....may turn on some Luarel and Hardy and have a laugh! Tight Lines and enjoy!!


  1. Saaaweet! I loves me some sunfish! Looking forward for more...

  2. I've been using those in green this year....easily my newest favorite fly for bass!